Saturday, May 1, 2010


Last night's a special night because we celebrated the death anniversary of our dear lolo. He died last 2000 (if my mind serves me right), due to lung cancer. We call him tatay instead of lolo. We had dinner with the relatives, from his children up to the grandchildrens, and up to great grandchildren. My mother is one of his daughter. Can you imagine how we filled the area of Gerrys Grill in Banawe Quezon City last night? As if we were eating in a presidential dining table, or a royal family's long long long table. The waiters and waitresses were all going crazy taking our orders, as if we came there to bring hiatus hehe but honestly, it was FUN!It was night of chatting, to catch up with the long time that we haven't seen each other. Unluckily, I don't have photos of our dinner. I forgot (or should I say, I intended to leave it) to bring my camera, since I was thinking that I can't use my photography skills since I was the official yaya of my baby. Hubby wasn't able to come since he was waiting for a delivery of goods to his grocery.

I want to show you instead what I wore the whole day yesterday. The belt I am wearing is the belt I was referring to on my previous post, the one I bought from F & H with my hubby.

P.S Maybe you could help me find a, very good yaya, the one that I can trust to.

black mini dress- thrifted
black blazer- thrifted
black leggings- greenhills
purple sandals- So fab
brown corset belt0 F & H
ring- Quiapo


  1. Love the belt!=).
    Well, it's hard to find a yaya these days. I mean, maybe you can try someone like a distant relative?

  2. stunning outfit!! amazing belt!! you look so lovely!!

  3. I covet our belt. Been looking for something similar for months.

  4. What a lovely way to commemorate your Tatay by the whole family getting together. My father died of lung cancer nearly three years ago.(It will be the three year anniversary of his death on Monday 10th May). My family also make sure we are together on that day and we are planning a family meal together.


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