Friday, April 30, 2010


I am still mesmerized by our simple celebration last night with my hubby at a local mall in the metro. We dined together, and of course went window shopping and ended up buying a wide belt from F & H! hehe what an impulsive act!hehe anyway, we went to a ktv and had ourselves feel like as if we were one of the contestants of the american idol. We sang songs that we usually DO NOT sing! hehe those songs with high pitch that made us scream loud enough to reach it. hehe. he was amazed how my voice improved since the last time we went videoke. hehe I sang most of Taylor Swift's songs, and I scored almost perfect! I always tease him the whole night, that he's so lucky he's singing with Taylor Swift! Yay!hahaha!

I so so so cannot forget last night, even though celebrating our 3 years and 5 months of being together, with a bad rainy weather! But I think walking under the rain is romantic! I am excited to show you the few photos that we have. ..maybe tmorrow, hehe the pix are inside my phone memory, but I can't find the usb cord. So just let me show you my outfit for our last night's date instead :)

bf polo- thrifted
liquid leggings- bought online
yellow lace-up shoes- boutique find
ring- quiapo


  1. congratulations on your anniversary, love! wow, kudos on staying together for that long! in this date and age, i always admire couples who will do everything to get to the finish line!:)

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  2. naks happy 3yrs and five months..congrats

  3. I bet you and your hubby had a blast. Walking under the rain is indeed romantic, le sigh. <3


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