Monday, April 19, 2010


I am really really sorry for not updating my blog in the past few days. Well reason number one: I am so so so bust with my work, with my life, and with my online store's upcoming collections!Second: I used to update my blog in the office during free time, but hey! We didn't have internet connections for the past two days which made me feel I am inside Big Brother's house! Gosh I was so bored and unproductive for two days! And the feeling of typing again and surfing again with my laptop is so relieving, as if I was dead for two days or more.

Last Friday, all I did is draw...draw...and draw. I will let you see some of them in a while. and I have my PREVIEW MAG now! So so so hot and fierce with MAJA SALVADOR on the cover! Plus have a look at my outfit on that day.

Last SATURDAY, me and my dear officemate, went to Quiapo for ukay hunting. She needs to change her wardrobe that's why she wants me to go with her. Of course I bought for myself and for my store. I just found jeggings on ukay! But it won't fit me coz it's for small frames that's why I am happy to announce that it will be on sale at my upcoming collections!!! Though I didn't fit into that jeggings, I found a very fierce black blazer for myself! I will post them soon! We found also a white pair of platform pumps from Nine West being sold on one of the ukay stores in Quaipo, it has little damage on the heels, but it's very very fine! But to our dismay, it's ons size 7, we're both size 8....sad!

black dress-thrifted
purple sandals- Sofab!
pink ring- Quiapo


  1. Arianne, seriously, how do you do it? How do you ukay hunt in Quiapo???! Haha. I just go there to buy supplies. Haha. I tried. I really did but I always end up dizzy there. Parang nalulunod ako sa damit na nalilito ako sa anong uunahin.

    I always ukay hunt in small stores, yung tipong kaya kong i-navigate kasi. Haha. Can't wait! Sana may mabili ako. Kasi minsan alam mo na, pareho tayong owners, when I want something iisipin ko nalang baka ma-ukay ko yung similar piece to save up. Haha. Or hinihintay ko sale mo. Kaso pag-sale nauunahan na ko. Haha.

    BTW! Love your drawings. Aaaw. I don't have such talent. Argf. Haha.

    Stay gorgeous!

    Melai (naki blogspot na rin. Haha.)


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