Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Though I haven't had a happy weekend, I managed to start my week with a bit of happiness, though(again), before I reached office, something horrible happened. I was seating infront of the fx going to cubao, when the silence broke by a loud cry of a puppy hit by our vehicle. And my gosh I was shocked to see how the scene went. All I said was a loud scream "MAAAAAAANNNOOONNG" (referring to the driver. I was seating beside him). What hurt me so much is as if he really meant to hit the poor puppy. He could have avoided the puppy since

there was no traffic on the road nor it will be dangerous for if we curve on the other side. I saw that the cars in front of us were really slowing down and avoiding the puppy, since they knew that the puppy was having a hard time crossing the street. I was so shocked that I was shaking and perspiring a lot. It's as if I WANTED TO COME DOWN pick up the puppy and rush him to hospital, but I did nothing. I hope that though I didn't do anything to help him, I hope God still saved him. I hope that, if in case he died, he'll be in the arms of God.

After lunch we went to Gloria Jeans in cubao near Araneta coliseum for our brainstorming. Then headed to my hubby's house for some bonding time to discuss some important matters. So here's my outfit yesterday! I am wearing my latest purchase: my yellow patterned lace-up shoes!

cream eyelet dress- thrifted
black leggigns-greenhills
yellow shoes- boutique
brown vest- bought online
vintage necklaces and rings- boutique and quiapo


  1. Poor puppy... that driver was so mean.

    I love your dress... I immediately scrolled down to see where you bought it. Oh well, maybe I'll just wait for you to sell it. Hahaha! xoxo

  2. YEah--poor puppy!=(. I hope he's safe. Manong driver: you're so mean!!!

    anyways---I totally love the eyelet dress---I have one just like that (with shorter seeves)--also from Ukay, but its black---I just bought it last weekend and will post it later.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog gurl!=)

    Also, I envy your hair!!!


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