Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am super duper mega excited to share with you guys the pictures that we have for my hubby's graduation last Tuesday! I really wanted to upload them but I am super duper mega busy at work, and with my baby. We went home last Tuesday at 10 pm and I was so tired that I woke up the next morning very late for for work, and that explains why I didn't upload the pictures yesterday. And I know you're wondering why I didn't upload now? hmmm 'coz my baby woke up so early that I have to attend to her first, and I lack time to post the pictures. I am actually late again for office hehe! As always, I am late! I PROMISE TO UPLOAD THE PICTURES BY TOMORROW MORNING!:) Maybe you could have a look first of what I wore to office yesterday!

Oh and by the way, to those who always read and comment on my blog, THANK YO0U VERY MUCH! I'll get back to your blog as soon as I am done with what keeps me busy!:)

cream top- divisoria
black pants- levis
brown shoes-divisoria
brown necklace-handmade

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  1. Hi arianne! I decided to have a blogspot account narin. Haha. I'm too shy to go to blogspot kaya LJ ako. This is my long dead account I'm gonna try to revive :-) -Melai of FStop ^___^


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