Saturday, April 24, 2010


Another casual Friday again...and...again...but yesterday was so surpirsing! I wore my very lazy and casual outfit yesterday, since it's Friday and I am expecting it to be another day of chit chats with my officemates...but I was wrong. A lot of workload was given to me yesterday. One, to train our OJT (I'll show his picture soon!) Second, meet again with the production house for ANOTHER REVISION AGAIN of the radio ad. Third, a surprise client went to office for a very surprising project. Whew! Imagine how tiring my day went! Excuse me for the super casual photos and outfit, it's just that I am really really tired and lazy yesterday.:)

sorry for the disgusting face hahaha!

pink blazer- thrifted
long top- divisoria
black leggings- encore sm dept. store
black gladiator sandals- boutique find
pink ring- quiapo
shades- ray ban


  1. I'm sorry but that doesn't look casual to me. You look like you're ready to take on the world, leggings and all ;)

  2. your sandals are fabulous ;)

  3. Sis! This isn't casual at all! Hahaha. :))) I like your long top from Divi ha! Great find! :P

  4. love the whole look :)

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  5. i soooooo love your top! i have a pair of shoes similar to what you're wearing, pero mas cute yung sayo haha! <3

    i've added you to my blogroll dear. more fab outfits please!

    Lee <3


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