Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So this is what I wore yesterday (tuesday). I felt like wearing vintage look I dunno why, but I just felt I want to. And here you go, my version of a vintage-modern lady look!

I had my period yesterday, I guess that explains why I had a super headache last Monday! And about the radio ad, it's approved already and will be on production now! so excited!


  1. You look adorable!!! l love this look! Where did you get your shoes??
    Is the belt a scarf? :)

  2. oh man i love how ure a working mum with an adorable cute baby and yet so stylish!!!! hats off! wish i turn out like you one day when i get married and have children!

    xoxo jenna

  3. I love your outfit and will take it as inspiration when planning my work outfits. I've started to follow your blog, Please check out and follow my blog. Clare xx

  4. I love this classy look! (:

    My officemate takes my photos. I actually included him in one of my recent posts (the one where I was wearing a blue "cape" hehe). But elsewhere I try to get my Mom to do it because she's really good at photography. Other than that I rely on my tripod and self-timer!

  5. i have my period now too and im suffering from dysmenorhea.ugh...
    love the dress denise. :)

  6. Cute look - work it girl!

    A.Co @

  7. i love how you dressed up brown. the color brown is so difficult to work with!


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