Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I know, my title is long! Well it defines how my Monday went through. My morning was horrible! As in horrible!My head is aching to death and I feel drowsy, nauseous, and as if my head is BIG and heavy! I can't concentrate on my work, but I have to coz I need to meet my deadline. I need to finish my 30 seconder and 15 seconder radio ad for a a certain product! Whoa such a hiatus! Anyway I drank biogesic hoping that it will take the pain, and yes it's true! The pain is all gone! Thanks sos much for biogesic!

Anyway this is what I wore on Monday. A lace bf polo I sell at my online store, since nobody is interested on it, I bought it for myself! And coincidentally, two buyers just sent me a message that they are interested with it, but they are both too's sold for me already!hehe and I will be leaving you my baby's outfit on Monday night when we went to the mall. Enjoy!

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  1. Haha! Well good for you then. I actually can't believe you were going to sell it in the first place, it's gorgeous! And your daughter's adorable. (:

    PS: I mostly go ukay in the Munoz/Roosevelt area cause it's near my place. Dunno if you're familiar with that area, hehe.


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