Monday, January 11, 2010


The Mastermind Behind
Oh well just to keep you informed who is the mastermind behind SIMONE'S CLOSET... just have a look at the photo on top.

It all started when I realized I need to earn money for my growing baby. I just graduated last May 2009, and back then I was struggling to land a job. At that moment, companies are not open for a fresh grad applicant, and what's more hurting is that, most of them are picky. They want applicants from Ateneo, La Salle, Ust, or UP. I have nothing against those schools, I am not a product of those universities but I am proud to say I am a PUPian.

At that moment in time, I realized that instead of feeling bad about the situation, I should move on, and do my thing. I still believe that those who persevere and give the passion to every tasks, still ends up winning... and so the birth of this store. At first, I opened trendshopping with my bestfriend, but it ended up when we became too busy with our own lives. Still, I need to earn money, and I have to continue online selling even without her. This paved the way to the birth of this online shop, and up to now, I can say, is little by little growing, and becoming a hit.

I named this store after my loving baby Marise Ysabel Simone Lunod. Yeah I know the name is too long but who cares!!hehe I love those names. By the way I'd like you to meet her...

My Little Cute Baby!

I am very thankful for my parents for being supportive to me. And also to my bebe ko!
hehe that is always painstakingly accepting all my weirdness hehe!

Sorry for the blurry pic, gutom kami eh hehe @ Aristocrat

"Nanay" and "Tatay" that's how our little baby call us, isn't it very touching? We are one big happy family! I hope you enjoyed my little story behind my store! P lease continue your support to my online shop, it will definitely go to a worthy cause. =D

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