Friday, January 8, 2010


So to start my blog...let me present to you my LATEST and favorite collection among all. CLOSET 4 and EPISODE 5.

My CLOSET COLLECTIONS includes brand new items I got from my supplier. They are the latest in fashion, but you can get them at low prices. The EPISODE COLLECTIONS are composed of UKAY-UKAY clothes I got when I visit my favorite thrift shops in Manila. They are high-end ukay items that surely will cater to your fashion needs.

I sometimes create headpieces and sell them to my clients. Recently I made two, and both were sold! I always give away freebies for every item my clients buy, and I can say, the results are superb! They love my products so much that they always look forward to what is coming next.

The following are my favorite items on these two collections, and as expected, these items were the first who went away! =)

The first two photo (the blue oversized shirt and the animal printed tunic blouse) are both from ukay, while the last two photo favorites are from my favorite supplier!Aren't they nice? To find out more... go to

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  1. I loved the gray and black ensemble. Beats me, but I'm all for monochrome. :-)


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