Sunday, June 21, 2015


photos from SIMONE'S CLOSET's Lost in The City collection

I am a firm believer that dreams really do come true. Dreams are to be built not be chased. Unless you act upon them, they will remain an illusion. Just recently when I unlocked an achievement on my business and it feels good hard work really pays off. :) 

On the side note, let me share how I really adore this outfit. I feel sexier in a loose outfit more than the fitted ones. Well precisely because I can move freely and confidently without having to worry about my skirt going up or my tummy is coming out haha! Kidding aside, this poncho and boho pants is my favorite combo! you can check them out on Simone's Closet's LOST IN THE CITY CATALOGS:

PS: I am excited to share more photo diaries on the posts to come! :) Namiss ko kayong kwentuhan! :)

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