Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maroon Boheme

 photos by mama

I have always been on my tops and jeans outfits lately, and I somehow missed wearing my maxi dresses. so the other day when I had the chance to dress-up, I went full bohemian with my maxi and my crochet cape! I am so inlove with the colors, don't you like it too? :)

Been so stressed lately! I am hoping all of this nega feelings be gone. I want a clear mind and a happy outlook! Now I am thinking what to do to remedy this... I am seeing my girl friends later. Perhaps I just need some time to unwind. :) PMS always get on the way haha! :)

dress-Simone's Closet
cape-Simone's Closet

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  1. You've got a gorgeous unique style! ;)



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