Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NEW-IN: Braided Choker necklace

Sorry for being MIA for the last couple of days. Lately, my life came as a whirlwind. I cannot decipher anymore how exactly I feel at the moment.All I know is I have this mixed emotions of happiness, fear, stress, and excitement, all at once. 

Moving on, part of my being "MIA, is that, I was soooo busy preparing Simone's Closet's new collection. I was busy crafting the other day, checking inventory, meeting suppliers, and basically all of my shop's errands! :)  This is all because of a big bazaar we have been preparing. 

I hope you could come this weekend, at the YABANG PINOY bazaar in World Trade Center, August 22-24,2014! :) You'll see a lot of amazing Pinoy brands offering you quality and affordable handmade pieces! And that includes those necklaces above! :)

We are hoping to see you there!!!:)

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