Friday, April 18, 2014


There's so much to love about being a bohemian. You can wear clothes unmatched clothes, but still looking put-together. There's something about being free-spirited, that you get to try almost anything, with the high belief, they'll look good together. Lately, I have been dressing-up like I am a beatnik, ready to hit COachella. My outfits are unplanned, but they appear so fashionable and comfy. 

Summer is my favorite season, and I have been so hyper to try as many looks as I can and capture them in photos, for sharing on this blog. I have been in house-arrest staycation for 2 days now, and I am looking forward this Easter Sunday I could go out with Mom and Marise, for another moment to feel the grass and have some set of OOTD photos. :)

how's your Good Friday going on? :)

lace top-thrifted
maxi skirt-Simone's Closet
vest- from Julie

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