Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crafting With Marise

Crafting is such a great way for me to release tension, to relax and just be happy, and a great way for me and Marise to bond. And just so last Sunday, I had an afternoon of crafting session with her. She was given a homework by her teacher, to make 100 pieces of cut-outs or actual things, and paste them on a cartolina. We need 10 objects with 10 pieces each. I know it will be easier to cut square, triangle and circle, but we made an effort to make prettier things! We drew candies, fishes, balls, even made origamis of boats and hearts! Whenever there is a chance for us to be creative, whether it'd be a simple homework or project, I always make sure to go the extra mile and pour my heart into it! Don't you just love the finish product??! :)

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