Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Whenever I see that orange nautical skirt, paired with my plain black top, it reminds me of the Igorots. What's more interesting in this outfit was, I pulled-off excessorizing without looking too odd, I hope so HEHE. See that leather moto jacket over there?? It's one of my most treasured ukay find ever!

Just a personal post, HOW TO BE OKAY? The past few weeks has been a very tough time for me. Struggling personal issues here and there, trying to wake-up one day hoping I am fine...but I just can't, well I hope soon. You try to smile but you just can't. When you lose someone, no matter what, it's just a total pain that neither a cup of chocolate sundae nor a bucket of cheesy fries cannot fix. How to be okay? Tell me. :(  HAPPY 29TH TO ME. 

top- Bench
skirt-Simone's Closet
cobweb- Simone's Closet
sandals- Solemate
jacket- thrifted
crown- Simone's Closet

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