Monday, November 25, 2013

Art Gallery

Hi everyone! I am back again! I had the most memorable weekend ever! First, after a year, I got sick with fever that I was totally knocked down! As in I was crying to sleep while I am feeling very hot while my joints are aching. Swear it was a crucial time for me, lalo na the next day may early call time ako for the Global Pinoy bazaar! Waaahh! In short I need to get well in less than 24 hours! 

Sadly, my body cannot just be forced to do that, hence I was forced to stand-up, dress-up and go to Rockwell tent despite of me being sick, But all of these are worth it since being at the Global Pinoy bazaar lifted the pinoyentrep in me! As in kilig to the bones! Simone's Closet was very warmly appreciated in there! :)  will share more stories about it soon! eto nanaman ako sa soon haha! but you know BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!:) haha! sorry naman, I am really busy huhu! :)

by the way I hope you'll spend time checking out our new collection of maxis!

dress- Simone'sCloset
cobweb-Simone's Closet
bag-Abby Jocson
sandals- Trunkshow


  1. I super love your outfit here Denise! So different and very artsy! Perfect sa backdrop! And your sandals are super bagay! You looked like an egyptian queen to me in this look :)

    1. Oh my thanks Jonessa!!!:) really happy to see your comment in here :) I actually in love with this look too! as in super duper random pairing lang tlga toh and bet ko ung "egyptian queen!" haha :) I lav it! :)


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