Monday, October 28, 2013

What I feel About Simone's Closet

5 years of online selling, and 3 years of doing and selling handmade products, and up to now, I am still that crying baby, and very emotional one whenever a new collection of Simone's Closet has just released. I just feel proud to see our developments, the fruits of our labor, that despite all the stress and body pains, when I stare at our collection photos, everything seemed so rewarding.

I remember my good old days when I work-on some accessories pieces all by myself, and look on us now, we're hiring people to assist us and to stock-up on pieces -that back then I can barely do on myself. I get to help the moms around our neighborhood. I could give them extra income, and inspire them on my own little ways. I get to work on some bloggers, models, and photographers with which I ended up creating a genuine friendship with them. These are all that makes me emotional whenever a new collection comes out.

 I just stare on the photos, and say "I am proud owner of Simone's Closet" All the efforts are worth it. All I could do is just shed a tear because of all the overflowing emotions I am feeling. Every collection gives me a chance to help other people, to inspire more people, and to make other persons happy through my products. That's why I always pray that each collection be a success. 

I can't help but think what would happen in the near future? I know this wouldn't be forever and I know how stiff the competition is in this business. I have been used and abused by some people who ended up as a hidden competitor of mine. Those copycats who copy my designs and sell the pieces on much lower prices. These somehow made me think if ever Simone's Closet will survive. Knowing that I am not alone in the business, and how easy it is to copy, I fear one day we won't be as thrilling as we are back then. 

What I am only holding to right now is, I created Simone's Closet with my own original designs. I continue with SImone's Closet still, with my own original designs, and I will continue to work for Simone's Closet because this makes me happy and the people I get to help because of this business. 

There may be competitions, and copycats pulling us down. I may be feeling bad at times, and feel so low at some point, but I will never give up the fight. :) 

And because of this, I hope you'll be able to check on our newest collection. We really spent all our efforts on this so I hope you'll support us guys! :) 

You may view the collection here and here

God bless and cheers to Simone's Closet!


  1. Girl,all i can say is you are so creative! good job! :) luv ur creations!

    1. awww baks salamat ah :) huhuhuhu nakaktouch ka talga!!!:)

  2. I have seen your copycats.
    And girl...I tell you, Iba talaga ang original. :)

    1. salamat po :) that really made me feel good. *hugs* thanks for appreciating my handmade creations :)


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