Saturday, September 14, 2013

Once Again

 They say, "never repeat the same outfit". Well as for me I just did the other day! haha! If you follow me on instagram and if you have read on one of my recent blog posts, that I already wore this outfit (well just with different sandals, and accessories) to the Manila Sundance bazaar on our last day. I can't help but wear it again since: 1. I haven't even got a chance to shoot this outfit so I thought wearing it again will permit me to(and I just did haha) 2. I am  totally in love with this bohemian lace robe (I could wear this forever)  3. I have to dress-up in 5 minutes right before the TV crew of Sunshine Media Channel 13 on SKY Cable came. So yeah I wear this outfit again yesterday, 5 days after I wore this outfit to the Manila Sundance bazaar haha! I just want to look my usual casual bohemian style, and I felt this outfit pretty sums up my look, hence the repeat! haha!

Anyway, you've heard on my instagram that I just did a TV interview for SHOP TV Channel 13 on sky cable. The show will feature me and Simone's Closet! I couldn't be anymore happier, prouder and thankful for all the opportunities coming! I shall blog about the TV interview experience very soon! 
If you're wondering, yes I did panic and was nervous while talking. But still crossing my fingers I don't look that awkward! hahaha!

dress- Landmark
lace robe- thrifted
sandals- Solemate
bohemian crown- Simone's Closet

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