Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Do I Get From Joining Bazaars?

Well, A LOT. Aside from the money you get through selling, you get to earn precious moments that sadly,no amount of money could ever equate. Like:

1. New friends
2. Sweet comments from clients
3. Over flowing good vibes
4. New hope to continue
5. Body pain

Well, seriously, those five I mentioned above are all true. You get to meet new friends, either from your neighbor booth, or your partner for the bazaar, which in my case, BELLA and KEVIN. I am pretty happy to have found a partner who shares the same passion as I am, who thinks as weird as I am and we both agree on almost anything. I get to meet new friends from new clients, who happens to be just so happy and inspired by my works. Add to that the sweet comments and praises that you hear from them and how astonished they are as they stare on your products. Imagine all the good vibes overflowing in to my system, kahit knock-out sa pagod and puyat. All the pain is worth it. You get to be rejuvenated and inspired again to dream, to loosen up, have some space to unwind, and to think of new designs again. Iba pa rin when you get to communicate with your clients and hear their comments first hand.

And because I love joining bazaars, I will be having another again this weekend at the NBC Tent The Fort! Still with my partner in crime Bella and Kevin of LES MODA.


For more photos of the bazaars, visit SIMONE'S CLOSET


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