Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zucchero Cafe

I was about to blog today some photos of my crafting day yesterday, but I can't find the memory card I used for the photos hence, I'll just show to you, a recent discovery of mine, a food haven I guess! 

Anyway, last week we decided to bring Marise at Museo Pambata in Roxas Boulevard. And right after then, we felt hungry so we decided to hit Harbour Square. Hubby's gonna shoot some stuffs near the bay so Marise and I looked for a cafe to dine in. Zucchero is so a haven of yummy food! We got a big serving of goto, milk tea drinks, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake. I got full already, thinking this was just a merienca. haha! I guess I'll be coming back again and try other dishes. What's best about this cafe is that, you get to eat while enjoying the view of the sunset. My kind of day, really! :)

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  1. hi, i like your necklace. more power.
    i already added you in my blog roll.

    sigh of:


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