Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Not-So-Perfect Me

I remember back when I was in high-school, I don't smile on photos because I think I look ugly. It's either my face is blank or I am hiding behind my classmates. It'just now when I started blogging, that I began to smile so often. I admit I don't have the best smile on this earth for I don't have the perfect lined teeth. Even so, I am not ashamed with it. I realized why I should I feel this way, when I should be thankful for who I am! Every person has his own imperfections. Physical attributes or not, we all have 'em. We're not perfect, even Anne Curtis or Angelina Jolie. So to my dear spammer in instagram, I think no one has the right to say who's ugly or who's pretty. God created human beings perfect and beautiful in His eyes, so whenever you judge or insult a person, you're actually hurting Him not me. :) 

Moving on, do you like my hair? haha I saw Marise's clip yesterday and thought of playing around with my hair, that's the best hairstyle I can do so far haha! And notice something with my outfit? I think it's an outfit inspired from either the 80s or 90s era, isn't it? I super love it though! Very comfy and I feel like going to Tagaytay for some picnic haha! :)

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top- Simone's Closet
denim skirt- thrifted
flats- Leaveland
bag- Nine West

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