Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Breezy Blue

I have never liked blue in my entire life, compared to my favorites red, pink, and purple. But when I got this skirt on a random bazaar in Eastwood, I know I've got to give the color a chance.  And I like how the color is so breezy and cool that no matter how hot your day may be, still you'll feel fresh all day long. I wore this weeks ago when hubby and I brought Marise to Museo Pambata, which I will be blogging the next. I myself enjoyed the place, there's so much to see and learn inside. I'll share my piece of kwento on my next post. 

For now I will be leaving you with these photos. I've got to hurry finish some of my work stuffs and I will be packing for a catalog shoot tomorrow with hubby! 


top- Jellybean
skirt-from Eastwood bazaar
sandals- Ichigo
necklace Simone's Closet

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