Saturday, December 15, 2012

Out And About

Hey guys! I missed you all. I missed being online so much that I fear of opening my faceboook, email accounts, twitter and check notifications. I know there will be tons and that will make me giddy to see all of them haha! I was out and about for 3 days doing hands-on job on my 3-day bazaar. I  tell you it was not easy. As much as I want to avoid forgetting things done, I just forgot some and I admit it was my mistake. I was swamped with  online orders, work job orders, mommy duties, that I totally forgot to eat, sleep, and watch tv already haha!   My life in the past weeks was a whirlwind. A mix of fun and excitement and a LOT of hardship! But everything is worth it. I will be writing down through several posts the things that had happened to me so we can do some catching up. I guess I lost a few pounds already yayks! For straight 3 weeks I was sleeping as late as 3am and couldn't even eat that much. 

Anyway enough of the ramblings, I will be back on regular blogging and hopefully backlog posts will be done asap! :) To my blogger friends, good luck on your selling escapade there at Bloggers United 4. I wanted to visit but I am super bugbog sa pagod that I can barely stand and madikit lang sa malambot na something tulog na ako. haha! 

I MISS YOU GUYS!:) More posts coming!!!

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  1. Super busy talaga ng December! So much events. Lahat meron--family, work, and blog! Pero iba talaga ang feeling ng December, kaya sobrang saya pa rin kahit nakakapagod :) Which reminds me, I wasn't able to drop by your bazaar pala last week! Lost track of the dates because we have relatives from overseas visiting :( I'll text you na lang siguro? Or text me! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery


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