Monday, December 10, 2012


I am not feeling well at this moment, headache and puyat but still I am trying to be positive to get all things done for this day! Sometimes I wish I could be as positive as Maya (Be Careful With My Heart) haha! Yes I do watch that show and I know you too! haha!

Anyway moving on with the outfit, whenever I see that pink ombre jacket, all I could think of is a flamingo bird. Of all the birds, that one is my favorite. I am just madly inlove with its shade of pink. I remember hubby gave me a 6ft. tall flamingo stuffed toy yes you saw that right, 6ft tall! A stuffed toy he won over on one of the games in Star City. haha! 

By the way if you are looking for clothes and accessories to wear on your Christmas party, you might want to give some time on our ROCK A FRILLY FROCK COLLECTION. I bet you could score some pieces for yourself! :)

jacket- get it at Simone's Closet
shorts- Landmark
heels-Pill Clothing

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  1. I don't like the colored studs on the jacket. I think it looks a bit tacky. It could've been a lot better if they were the normal ones. :)


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