Friday, November 30, 2012

Tagaytay Trip Part 3: MEMORY LANE

It's exactly 11:00PM on the clock now. I am tired and I have lots of work to do. I went earlier to the mall to shop for some things and went home a few hours ago. And just because I am excited to share with you all a wonderful place I discovered, inuna ko muna tong post bago trabaho ko haha!!!

So shall we proceed?
Let me present to you MEMORY LANE by Jolina Magdangal

We were supposed to go to the SPA VILLAGE when we drove into a street that we thought would lead us to our target area, then I accidentally saw a very cute American-style house  sort of reminded me how I wanted my dream house to be! And just because I know I need to have a photo there (before I knew it's a cofee shop/salon/resto/souvenir shop) kahit sa labas lang! I told the driver to stop and visit the place. To my happiness pwedeng pumasok for only P5.00 entrance fee na refundable pa when you order inside. And since amazeballs ako with how laid-back and very quirky the house is, inatake na naman ako ng pagka-OC at bawat sulok ay binisita ko. As in no corner in the entire area was not imprinted by my footsteps haha!
I have no photo of the entire house goodluck naman sa 50mm lens di ba? haha! Instead I had a picture at the front porch. Bongga!:)
donya effect. haha! :) I want this table set in our house please! haha!:)

Then I went inside to check how it looks... 
bonggabels my window sa loob ng shop! Feel ko ung pagkaAmerican style nya with that window and that striped roof! What you'll see in there is the kitchen! :)
then beside is the cocktail/coffee bar with which I adore the vintage decals and posters! I feel like I am in the American Pin-up Girl-ish era! haha!
And that chandelier over there? WOW just wow! I want that too also! :)
I love the vintage cars and little houses on top of the shelves! It just completes the vintage-homey feel of the shop!

On their menu they serve pasta, sandwiches, cupcakes, and yummy shakes too! The price is very reasonable considering that you get the best of both worlds with the yummy tasty food + great ambiance  Though I was not able to try on anything (dahil we had lunch before we discovered this place), I bet super yummy the food because when we arrived the place is jam-packed! 

Then I heard MEMORY LANE is not just a coffee/resto shop but also a salon and a souvenir shop too! And since pagodbels na ako kakalakad sa kalupaan ng Tagaytay, I just needed a very relaxing foot spa!
Picture while our feet were soaked with warm water :)

Then when I was done with my pampering sesh, time to raid the souvenir shop!
this door will lead to you a LOT of quirky finds from Jolina's jewelries na sya mismo gumawa, to her old albums that you can buy, then branded bags that she personally hand-picked, wooden furnitures and displays, plus the numerous vintage displays na nakakaloka sa ganda! 
I also used their comfort room and amazing how it looks so quirky too! Yon lang walang picture. Again, naka 50mm aketch so di keribels magphotoshoot inside. haha! 
I bought one of Jolina's bracelet creation then my brother got a wooden magazine rack.

After shopping galore I went to the side porch and saw this white swing! Of course di ko papalagpasin na walang photo-op dito haha! 
I want this mailbox also but it's not for sale :(
Then while waiting for mama to be finished with her foot spa sesh, ikot ulit sa labas and saw this cute fountain with matching water lilies pa! :)
the driver and my papa. Nalasing sa kape sa kakahintay samen.. And in case you're wondering where ze hubby is, nasa likod sya ng camera. Ayaw papicture hehe. :)

we stayed for like 2 hours inside and I felt like I don't want to leave yet. This has got to be my most favorite place in Tagaytay. I really am not aware of MEMORY LANE until I saw it while we're on the road. I wish to go back there once again the feeling is just so surreal that as if you're inside a fairytale na lahat "happy ever after". Very homey, very laid-back, very happy vibes lang, that for sure you will leave the place with a smiling face. :)

If you want to know more about the MEMORY LANE  you can check them out on facebook! Nako for sure maloloka kayo sa ganda haha! I swear whenever I go back through our photos, I always wish that our house is like that, or I live beside it para everyday bisita there. I wishing pa na magkabranch sa Manila. I tell you this place is just perfect. 

Go visit MEMORY LANE too when you plan to visit Tagaytay! :)


  1. Perfect ambiance indeed! I love their interior design. amazing place to travel. Great photos.

  2. nakoo sis,sayang naman.sobrang lapit lang nyan in.wala pang 10mins.sana nakita kita dun :)


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