Friday, October 19, 2012

Up Or Down?

Referring to my hair haha! Which look do you prefer? My hair up in a ponytail or just messy as it is down? :) Anyway, wore this last Sunday when we brought Marise to Quezon City Circle. The park is crowded so we didn't stay longer. Just had to take my outfit photos before we left. You know  I am not fond of wearing colorful outfits, but to give it a try every once in a while is so refreshing to my usual black and neutral colored outfits. Don't you just love how pink and blue go so well together? :)

top- random brand
pants- Landmark
flats- Parisian
skull bracelet- Anagon


  1. First one to comment ^^ ! Love the whole outfit you look like a full time blogger :)

    1. thanks a bunch Hayna! ang sweet lang hehe :)

  2. Love how long your hair is! Definitely like it down. :)


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