Monday, October 1, 2012

Take Me Anywhere

Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I am with my family the whole day pigging-out and watching movies. I think I gained 2 pounds over the weekend munching on junk foods and sipping soda haha! But nonetheless, I am happy so getting fat don't matter at all- I  can burn those fats anyway haha! 

Moving on with the outfit, you know how much of a cowboy/cowgirl I am that you can take me anywhere you want to go. You can take me to the park, to a game zone, to the mall, to the buffet, to the coffee shop, to the bookstore, to the hospital, to the market, to the grocery, to the bar, to Divisoria, to Greenhills, and any destination you like because I am always dressed in the comfiest yet stylish outfit most of the time. I always dress the part and hubby loves me for that  even my friends and my family too because no matter how impromptu our trips are, I can every well say GO to any of it without the worry being uncomfortable with what I am wearing!  In short, I am game with anything.Just like this one, one random Sunday Marise asked me to run after her in the park, then go with her at the arcade and to the ice cream parlor. I know I can do all of those because I know I can move freely with this outfit.

A comfy top, a statement necklace, and a cute skirt plus comfy flats is my no-fail look. I can repeat this combination several times and make different looks out of it. Do you love this outfit? I will be selling plenty of this on the 40th collection of Simone's Closet and see for yourself why I love this combination! :) 

How are you doing on the first day of October? :)

top, skirt, necklace- SIMONE'S CLOSET
oxfords- customized from Pax
bag- from Ava Te


  1. I love the colors of this outfit!:) and nice to see you're still using the bag!^_^

    1. thank you Ava! oh yes I love that bag so much so I make sure I use them on days that all I have to bring is my cellphone and wallet. ayokong mahaggard ung bag because that's my favorite! :)

  2. Lovely! Great choice of colors, Denise. Complements your beautiful skin tone well and your blog.

  3. WEEE!!! Love the photos, sis! I wanna take my outfit photos at Robinsons Magnolia, too. Super cute ng place ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. i love the bag where did you buy those?

  5. Love the outfit. Kailangan ko din yung ganyan para comfy ako lalo na pag kasama ko si Kenzo na sobrang likot.


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