Sunday, October 14, 2012

SUNDAY MUSIC: Summer Is Over

It has been weeks that I was not able to share my usual SUNDAY MUSIC because I was either out doing some shop errands, or gone with the family or doing some crafts. And good thing today I am not that too busy so I had the time to surf all day long and share with you yet again another song I have been listening to. 

Summer is Over by Jon McLaughlin and Sarah Bareilles is my new addiction this week! I just love the laid-back bohemian feel of the video that makes me want to go to that exact same place! Not to mention I love playing piano too! I guess doing an outfit shoot under a big old tree in a grassfield is a part of my bucket list. Perhaps even my prenup shoot too I guess haha!

Anyway hope you'll love this song and stay-tuned for more posts coming in a bit!:)

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