Thursday, October 25, 2012

NEW-IN: Ichigo Garter Sandals

You know very well how I've always loved flats and sandals. I have so many pairs already that I am actually reorganizing my room to add a little walk-in closet for my clothes and shoes, and to provide a little corner for my growing accessories supplies. haha! Once my room's clean I'll tour you around (virtually) haha!

Anyway, I rewarded myself with this pair of garter sandals from Ichigo for being so hardworking haha! talk about always sleeping at 2am just to inish work stuffs, and  to take care of Marise. This pair is one of the comfiest sandals I have. I swear I would get the rest of the colors on my next visit to Ichigo Trinoma. Uhm another reason for my wallet to complain on me haha!

An outfit post wearing this sandals coming next! :)


  1. I really like the color, Denise. :D So bright! It reminds me of the Escada Taj Sunset color palette. :)

  2. love the flats, maybe I'll get one too?


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