Monday, October 22, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

hey guys! Sorry for being MIA yesterday. Just like what I've posted in facebook earlier, I've spent the wholeday yesterday for family bonding and some much needed rest, eating while watching Walking Dead Season 3. 

And because I was not able to post any SUNDAY MUSIC, I am just doing it now since this post deserves that song. Isn't Marise the cutest? I am so proud and lucky to have her! She is just so pretty that even someone we doesn't even know from the party we attended last night, just took her photos while pinching her cute face haha! That blue wig is a part of her costume she wore last night. We're aiming to copy the look of Bubbles in Powerpuff girls but I think we landed Sailor Neptune's look instead? haha but with a much longer hair though. She even won one of the 3 best costumes of that night! Weee so proud mommy!:) 

Don't you think she can be a cosplayer too? haha! she does actually love wigs and copying looks of different characters! Oh we'll see haha!

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