Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Am Not Perfect

Before this blog was established, I have been through a lot of trials that tested my faith not only with myself but with God too. I don't know why all through this years I still carry that burden. That whenever I commit mistakes, I am reminded of how I was misjudged by people back then. I am only human and though I try to keep things perfect, I won't I can't and never will be a fortress of perfection. Sorry for being really really of out of sync, I am being so sentimental lately. Don't worry I am coping and once I am good, I know I am gonna laugh on this post. While I am still on the limbo, I am really hoping all of you are safe and sound. 

 I MISS MYSELF ALREADY. Hoping to get back the soonest!
Even the best fall down sometimes.

dress- Cocobana
necklace-Simone's Closet
sandals- Forever 21

Ps: forgive me for always using that bag, haha it's just that, that one is my super favorite


  1. Denise, Ganda naman ng dress mo :) Hay sister, ganyan talaga minsan. ako din feeling ko sobrang stressed and down ako lately. need to make bonding soon. Sana next week maayos na sched ko ;) grabe talaga busy sa lahat tapos broke pa. waaaah!

    1. hi sister! nako I am really looking forward to that bonding sesh I really want to unwind and release all the stress in my body. i hope next week our scheds will meet so we can hang-out the soonest! :) MISS YOUR WARM COMPANY ALREADY :)


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