Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How It Feels To Be A Young Mom

I was in shock to know that at 19 (turning 20) still on my 4th year in college, that in 9months my whole life will turn around., that soon I am gonna be a mommy. At first, the feeling is so scary not because your parents will spank you (it's given already hehe)while cursing at you knowing that you will be having a baby even before you get your diploma, but it's more because of the lifetime responsibility of being a good mother to your child. Add to that the idea that your life will turn upside down in the next 9 months and forever of your life.

I remember how my whole pregnancy went easy with Marise, I had no morning sickness nor did I get tantrums, but the people around me at that time made it hard for me to cope. Imagine, going to the university with your fasyon outfit  with bulging tummy while other students are looking at you and you can even see their thinking bubbles as you look at them. ahaha! Imagine a few of your professors being so insensitive that from time to time you need  to go out to pee, eat, and drink water. Imagine some other family friends gossiping on you, and judging you right in front of your face, and so on and on. Imagine, being JUDGED just because you are pregnant at 19. Imagine the feeling I had then.

I wouldn't be here happy and contented, if not because of God and because of my strong belief on myself. I know myself enough that no gossips, misjudgments, can ever bring me down. If most of the people around me are cursing me, I myself is strong enough to prove them they're wrong. So what if they gossip on me, so long as I know the truth I won't be affected.

I finished my college degree, not with passing grades alone but with flying colors too. I landed a job right after college, opened a business, and right now, enjoying my home-based work as a full-time writer for a US client. 

 I guess being a young mom is challenging but definitely rewarding because the moment you see your child come out from you, all the pain will be worth it. All the misjudgments, hurting words, insults, and gossips wouldn't matter. 

Who would have thought, that a girl like me, who was so bookworm-ish, top in class, quiet and reserved with a too-good-to-be-true- and-too -perfect-life would be a mom at this early? No one would know. Even my parents too. Even I myself also. I am thankful for having Marise in my life right now, if not for her my life wouldn't be this happy, meaningful and with a sense of direction. I guess the reason why God gave me Marise at such a young age, is because He wants me to have a better life than I used to have. He wants me to be a better person. He wants me to feel that life is not at all perfect, and not all about planning your own life because it is only Him who knows and will ever be the author of my life- not me, not my parents, nor the other people. You just have to trust Him no matter how bad you think your life is going.

Let me answer my question (title). HOW IT FEELS TO BE A YOUNG MOM? The feeling is surreal honestly. You grow up as your kid grows up too. You learn to handle life as your kid is embracing life. It's fun actually you get even more mature as days go by. You're even being mistaken to be a sister of your kid by other people haha! You can play anything and be a totally cool mom because you're young, energetic and hip too just like your kid. I am a cool mom ya know? :) BUT no matter how fun it is, being a young mom is never easy and never a joke. You must be mature and responsible enough to grow up for your kid and to take care of her to become a good person. At the end of the day, young mom or not, once you become a mom, you just got the highest and most important role of a woman and not to mention, the happiest moment of your life. After all the essence of being a woman is to bear a child and make him a better person.:)


  1. being a young mom is awesome! we get to retire early! haha chos! kidding aside, our babies make our lives meaningful while the people who gossip are shamelessly, still busy gossiping :)

    1. ahaha korek! :) I actually admire you Ava for being so positive and cool. we seldom talk but I really admire you for being such a responsible, positive cool mom. :)

  2. I love your post! I know what it feels like to be a young mom! Although for me, I got pregnant when I was 22, (now I'm 23). I really got scared and depressed at that time. I kept on thinking on how my own family would judge me, my friends and just everyone else. But now my 7 month old baby HAYLEY is with me, I never thought I would be this happy. I could definitely say my life has a sense of direction now with Hayley around. Cheers to us! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES


    1. yes it's true, my daughter jsut gave me the sense of direction in my life. and just made life extra beautiful that no matter challenges will come now, I know I am ready to face them because they're nothing to compared to the happiness I feel right now. :) cheers to us young moms!:)

  3. Oh em! I just cried while eating your post, I am a young mom too and a customer of your shop. I really admire you and really touched by your story, you're such a strong and empowered woman. I hope I'll be able to attain what you have done. Your such an inspiration for young moms out there. I salute you. cheers!

  4. I applaud you for continuing your studies despite your pregnancy. You're one tough chick to have handled that the way you did. I don't know what I would've done if I got pregnant in college. (I got pregnant out wedlock, too, but I was already working then.)

    And yay for work-from-home moms like us! :)


  5. Yay for this post! Even though I'm not a young mom, I know how you feel kasi it happened to my younger sister. Sya talaga young kasi she's 16 lang :( I know everything has reason and only God knows what it is. Shempre mahirap tanggapin samin at first pero now ok na. Lahat naman nagkakamali. At least now this 'pagkakamali' na nagawa ng sister ko changed her life and she became more mature now. Tapos meron din ako nakilala na young moms na mas successful pa sa iba like you :D


  6. :D This is such a great entry, Denise. I really love how you've made such a kick-ass name for yourself. One of my bestfriends is a young mom and I know it's extremely challenging. KUDOS to you!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Young moms need to know how to feel empowered and blessed. It's courageous of you to do this and I salute you!


  8. Of all your blog entries, this one really touched me. I'm a young mom too and also one of your customers. Hihi! Everything you said was TRUE! :) Kudos to young beautiful moms like us! I admire your personality and your drive of being a good mom and at the same time loving person to others! :) Hands-up for all the young moms out there! :D



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