Monday, October 29, 2012

Black Is Beautiful

Back when I was still enjoying the perks, the perils, the life of an advertising copywriter  I am always dressed in black. As in literally black from head to foot. I don't know why but whenever we have brainstorming sessions, pitch, client meetings, a black outfit never fails in giving me that certain confidence and wild imagination I needed at that moment. Black is elegant, classy, and simple. You just be creative enough to accessorize it and I bet you can create different looks out of it! 

This one's my favorite outfit to date. Do you like it? Oh before I forgot. If you wish to try on my fabric accessories, the cobwebs, spider necklaces  etc, and the one I am wearing in here, be sure to drop by this Satuday and Sunday November 3 to 4 at the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON! Because all of my handmade stuffs, and clothes from Simone's Closet will be on sale starting at P100!!!  I will be there for 2 days manning my booth so let's meet-up and have a photo or two together! Will I see you there? :)


  1. they say usually pag corporate always black. I wonder why? empowering?:) hehe but I love how relaxed this dress looks on you :) parang beach!

    good luck with the bazaar!!

  2. haha yes most people think that way too. :) hope you could visit on my booth Ava! I will be bringing Marise this Saturday!:) and hope we could see each other again!:)

  3. Hey! I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog if you have time. :)

  4. Amazing necklace, love it!
    You look fabulous Ü


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