Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bead Time Story

I am planning to you show you all how my craft area looks like whenever I create accessories for Simone's Closet. BUT  that area is really unorganized as of the very moment so I would just show you first (and on the days to come) the materials I have. 

First of, BEADS! I love beads, bright colorful ones. Beads plus fabric makes me happy! Been doing some beaded accessories mixed with my fabrics. And my loyal assistant, mom, is always there to the rescue! I have a worker who works for me but all she could do are bracelets only. I am thinking of hiring a necklace-maker so she can help me out with my stocks, but sad to say, I still can't find the one haha! choosy? yes because I am looking for someone who can deliver her best. Anyway, go to go now, need to finish editing the catalog for tomorrow's launch! TOODLES!


  1. Love those colorful beads. Were did you get them?

  2. i wanna apply as a necklace maker. i can show you samples of my works :)

  3. Got approved!!! :) Ill see you in 10A?? :) Can't wait! Let's talking about hiring help stuff! Hay..up to now we don't have one..give me tips! Parang ang hirap kasi :( Kaya sometimes insead of tackling the challenge I just make the orders myself as usual. :)


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