Monday, October 15, 2012


One of my most favorite outfit combinations is  this - a floral dress and denim vest together. I find this outfit too girly and all I ever wanted to do on that day, is to twirl, walk and pose hahaha! Ya know the feeling when you wear something girly right? ganon na nga haha! This outfit was taken a few weeks back when I had a shoot for Simone's Closet. I brought with me flats that day for I know I am gonna be doing lots of walking. I am already looking forward to wearing this dress again! 

And oh by the way, this dress is a twin of this dress! Only that they have different hues :)

How are you doing so far? :) Monday's been good to me and I am hoping all the good vibes will flow until the rest of the week! :)

floral dress- random boutique
denim vest- thrifted
bag-divi (overused na haha!)
heels- PRP


  1. I know what you mean when wearing girly and wanting to pose non stop! Haha! I'm like that too. Most of the time, I like to post all the photos but I always end up not doing so. :))

  2. Cute look!!! <3



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