Saturday, August 18, 2012

What Happens Behind The Shoot?

For almost 4 years in the business of running Simone's Closet, a lot have been asking me how I do it? How I do what? hehe Well the whole thing that is happening for Simone's Closet, from the products to sell, the concept, the shoot, and the launch of the collection, ALL of these are a product out of my, hubby's and my friends' instincts. Everything happens out of our passion and our love for what we do. Combined together, and we have an amazing collection.

Four years ago, multiply is Simone's Closet's home. Time changes and facebook has been our new home to date. But my passion and my love for clothes and crafting accessories is still the same. A passion glowing from the deepest point of my heart. I see my crafts as a product of my love and my desire to share a bit of my fashion style to you and to other girls out there. It makes me happy to see that a lot admires and supports what I do. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So moving on, what really happens on our shoot? Many are wondering how I come up with titles and themes for our new collection. Honestly speaking, I do not know how I actually end up with those. I always believe in the saying "WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, WHERE YOU ARE NO MATTER WHAT" That is what I do with Simone's Closet. I let everything flow and use what I only have to make a good theme. I let my creativity flow and think of endless themes to give life to my collections. And I am very much happy and fulfilled every time I see my collections come to life. 

EVERY SHOOT EVERY COLLECTION is different. A treasure I collect in my box of good memories. I have never found a great team of people whom I will be able to work with for almost a year already. My models, I met them October last year, I never knew we would end up as friends. We're a total strangers to each other but we found ourselves laughing and shooting the next day. I may be older than them but I love them dearly as my younger sisters. We may never get to bond that frequent, but whenever we see each other, our trips and adventures are always an unforgettable one. 
To Kamille, Nikki, Jolly and Patch, thanks for coming to my life and to Simone's Closet. I have never been this happy since I met you four! I'll see you soonest okay?:)

I would also like to thank hubby for being such a great photographer for SImone's Closet. I love you. You are always there every step of the way. To Lei Espinosa who turned my models stunningly beautiful in this collection, thank you so much! I am looking forward to work with you again! 

To my loyal customers, friends, and supporters of Simone's Closet, this anniversary collection is for you! I won't be inspired to do more, without all of you! I will be posting the entire collection tomorrow night so just drop by on our facebook account to view the album! 



  1. Congrats to the success of Simone's Closet :)) Looking forward for the anniversary collection! hihi. Btw, I blogged about the the sweater I got from Simone's CLoset :D

  2. Kudos to Simone's Closet! A certified lurker of your FB Page here and a fellow blogger, too!

    Do you accept PP Payment? I really love those printed leggings!

    I blog at:

  3. Looks like you had and that it was so much fun!!! New follower ;) hope you can support back and join my makeup blog, XxOo

  4. It looks really fun! Congrats and more power!



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