Friday, August 3, 2012

My Secrets To Dressing-Up

 I have 3 little secrets when dressing-up. First, dress for yourself  ALWAYS. No matter what happens, you should know yourself to figure out the style that is for you. Never let any fashion trends, or people dictate what you should and shouldn't wear. It is only YOU who knows what look is best suited for you. 

Second, learn to mix and match. The secret to looking fashionable and polished, is not on the number of clothing pieces that you have or the price tag and brand of clothes.You need not to get all the pieces in trend right now. You just need some key fashion pieces that's versatile enough to be mixed and matched with your other clothing staples.

Lastly, carry your outfit as if you are walking on a runway! No matter  how fashionable you think the outfit you  put together is, it won't show unless you sprinkle it  with confidence! Never mind the stares if the people around you thinks you dress weirdly, keri lang lagi and wag papakabog hahaha!  Life is very short to not enjoy dressing-up. Let them stare at you, I am sure, inside their minds, they wanted to try your look. Yon lang, it is only you who can pull it off!

PS: Love that necklace? It's coming this August on Simone's Closet!

dress/top- Cosmopolitan
leggings- SM
pumps- Parisian
biker vest- Nafnaf
necklace-Simone's Closet


  1. yay! A very helpful post! Thank you Miss Denise for sharing your secret :))

  2. Wow. Thank you! This is really helpful. I only have simple clothes. Thats why i dont dress that much. Im having a hard time thinking of a style that will suit me. thanks to you, you really inspired me. I actually try buying new clothes now. And try to be fashionable in them as much as I can. :) . Hehe. Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous necklace!
    Kiss from France,


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