Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gayuma Ni Maria

Okay so I am excited to tell you how my super random day went! You know I visited Maginhawa St. last week right? And I never knew hubby and I were going on a side-trip to GAYUMA NI MARIA well with the heavy rain and strong winds, but yeah we made it! haha!When we were walking out the Sikatuna Village, hubby said stop and he pointed me to a sign that says, Gayuma ni Maria. I never knew what it is so I gave him that clueless look and I thought, oh my goodness saan ba kame pupunta?haha!

We went inside without me having an idea what it is haha! Mejo natakot ako to enter haha! but when we got inside, I just smiled and all I said is WOW! haha! Since random nga ang araw na yon, we weren't able to bring our DSLR so we just used iphone instead. haha! I promise to come back and do a full review but for now let me suffice you with these bunch of photos...
this will great you when you enter the door, I so love it's old-school feel with matching chalk pa talaga! haha! 
then beside the board, you will see this rack full of naughty things. BABALA: not for minors haha! Actually the theme of GAYUMA NI MARIA is about love and all. so you will really be amazed that up to their menus, interior, and cutesy novelty items, lahat tungkol sa love and um sex? haha! (did i actually say that?haha sorry!) 

While waiting for our orders... the waitress told me they have a second floor dressed-up in Japanese theme. You can eat there too if you want. you will see there some vintage clothes hanging on the racks that you can buy too! And some old mannequins dressed in vintage Filipiniana gowns. 
pasado na ba akong maging mannequin?haha!

I really can't get enough of those kinky, naughty aprons! ahaha! 

Finally, our orders came... let me present to you what we ate that night...

hubby ordered for ROCK ME BABY!
It's a bbq baby back ribs served with delicious mashed potato, and corn

I swear this one's so sarap! Yon lang ready to fight with the rib bones haha! Mejo makapit ung meat to the bones so you really need energy to slice the meat off  haha! but masarap sya promise!

then I had, SECRET LOVERS gusto ko to promise! bakit kamo secret lovers? well nagtago lang naman sa ilalaim ng mashed potato ung braised beef stew! Elibs di ba? Dig in the mashed potato first and you will see the secret lovers inside! Super sarap! I hardly finished this one haha! ang dami lang!

and the star of the night... we ate a slice of  BETTER THAN SEX cake! Yum! It's a chocolate crinkles cake topped with soft cream, choco sprinkles and choco syrup! I swear you'll have on more round of this!

Over-all I love GAYUMA NI MARIA. Food is two thumbs-up and the price too! Ambiance is great and the service too! So now, is your imagination already playing around? haha! pay a visit on their Maginhawa St. branch or like GAYUMA NI MARIA on facebook for more information!



  1. where is this located?..interesting yung place and i like that secret lovers :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Gayuma. :) I love quaint eating places! Maginhawa is an excellent place to do a food trip.

  3. I went here with two of my friends last July and I've yet to make a review about it. I agree, this place is really nice and offers good tasting food.


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