Monday, July 16, 2012

Noisy Pictures

At last another outfit post! I have been sick for the past week and been taking care of Marise too, she had some fever and colds also. And that made me weak and out of sync to do outfit shots. Good thing I was invited to my tita's 60th birthday at DOLCE LATTE last Friday and I've had a chance to dress-up again. Since that night was so rainy and cold, I wore my thrifted maxi dress, denim vest and cobweb necklace to keep me warm! And went out wearing my new wedges gifted to me by ze hubby!:) 

Sorry though for the noisy and blurred pictures. The venue has some weird lighting that made it difficult for me and ze hubby to take good photos but I am still hoping you enjoyed this post! haha!

Lastly, lemme share with you Marise's outfit that night which I styled by the way! I let her try print-on-print trend and here's the result...

She's so cute isn't? She always love to do wacky shots whenever I ask her to pose haha!

blue dress- thrifted
denim vest- thrifted
necklace- Simone's Closet
wedges- Primadonna


  1. will always love your hair! :D and your necklace(your creation of course) Looks really nice! :D

  2. ooooh! This outfit is love! from the necklace down to your shoes! :)

  3. Hi! is that the twisted cobweb necklace? still available? thanks!

  4. I love the outfit!! Youre so gorgeous! And Marise is so cute!


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