Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Weekend

 Hi girls! So what is up to you lately? I was not able to get online for almost two days. I was busy taking care of Marise for she got sick for almost a week. Add to that my hectic work schedule joggling my day job and my business. I just launched the THE WEATHER GIRLS COLLECTION! You should check it out! Last Friday night I went to my tita's 6oth birthday which serves as my relaxing venue to forget about work and stress. I was so relieved and happy! That photo above is my recent photo taken at  Dolce Latte Quezon Avenue. More about that outfit on my next post!

For now, I am inviting you all to head-on at Simone's Closet to check out our newest collection! We have tons of clothes and handmade accessories that I am sure you'll gonna love! :) Here are some of them...

Then, here are my precious handmade necklaces! Ako mismo gumawa! I hope you try it yourself! It's time to dare yourself to be bold and try something new! The cobweb necklaces are good to keep you warm this rainy/cold season!

WAIT,  I HAVE A GOOD NEWS! If you buy 1 cobweb necklace, you'll get1 FREE PRINTED TEE OF YOUR CHOICE!!! :) So don't miss the chance! lots of choices to choose from!

Last but not the least, KYM C GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! I will be posting the winners on Thursday! New giveaway is up next so stay-tuned!:)

I just need to go now I am not feeling well I hope I won't get sick. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!:)


  1. So pretty, sis!! :) Love your smile as always. Congratulations for the new collection of Simone's Closet!! Way to gooo ♥


  2. wow! pretty hand made necklaces! :D


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