Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black To Brown

Hey guys! I was out the whole day yesterday for meet-ups and a bit of family bonding. Plus I get to sneak in some time for myself so I went to the salon for some hair makeover!

You know how much I 've been status-ing in facebook and in twitter, how much I was in dire need of a hair makeover. Finally, I just did! Though the change is not that a big difference, I still love I how look good in my new crown!haha!

I went to AZTA Urban Salon SM San Lazaro yesterday, I want some adventure for my hair so I asked my ever favorite stylist, July, to do whatever she thinks is good for my hair haha! As in I have no idea in mind. I gave her all the will to do whatever in my hair, BUT I told her not to do something that won't look good to me.

And so, here's the final outcome...

Yay for a new hair color!!! I forgot to ask what color this is but I totally love it!:) July,  the stylist, cut my hair  too! Took off about 2-3 inches off my hair and I love it! I was actually afraid that my curls will vanish but then after the process, my curls did actually look curlier, bouncier and livelier! No more dry and frizzy hair!!!:)



Hope you like my new hair! :) 

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  1. WOW!! You look so better with your new hair color, sis!!! Gandaaa ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. thank you sister! and nga pala hope mabasa mo toh hehe, i have plans na for the shoot may isa na lang ako iffinaliz then will pm you sa fb ah? :) excited!:)

  2. Your new hairdo suites you better Denise! :)


  3. You look good in brown, Denise! Love it!



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