Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birthday Presents

Let me share with you all, the gifts I got on my birthday last Monday. I really appreciate all the efforts and surprises my hubby and friends did for me. I am not a material type of girl, a simple handmade birthday card or a warm birthday greeting is just enough. And to get these  material stuffs is just a bonus. :)

So what did I get? First, a bunch of clothes courtesy of hubby. He gave me some challenge to shop inside my favorite thrift shop and get everything I see pretty and he paid everything afterwards without any word. Imagine that?! haha! 

Then if you still remember my instagram post last week about some cupcake surprise, well it's one of the greatest thing that had happened to me, days before my birthday. While shooting for the look book album for Simone's Closet, my model friends, surprised me with 3 cute and yummy cupcakes lit with colorful candles while they're singing happy birthday. I just melt and went teary. I cannot say exactly how I truly feel on that moment. <3

Thank you Patch, Kamille, and Jolly for these yummy choco cupcakes from Sophie's Mom! I bet you'll like them too! So try getting one for yourself!:)

Lastly, a new pair of wedges!!! If you're really a follower of mine, I posted an instagram photo about some shoe shopping at Primadonna last Monday. Hubby got me a new pair of wedges! And this one's my current fave! Very light and comfy!

Do you like the wedges too? I swear you can run with this pair! haha!:)

I feel so blessed and happy on my birthday. I got to celebrate it with my family and I cannot exchange it for anything in this world!:) It's still the thought that counts. :) 
Yayks I am a year older again but stronger, wiser, and better!
BTW, do you know that I share the same birth date with Michelle Branch, Lindsay Lohan, and Imelda Marcos? Cool right?!:) 


  1. Very nice! You had a great birthday! God bless, Denise!

  2. belated happy birthday! :) i really like your primadonna shoes makes me want to buy one too :)

  3. I agree with your conclusions and looking forward to your coming updates. Thanks for sharing

    Birthday Presents


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