Monday, June 11, 2012

Superb Bazaar

I am not a fan of big bazaars really. I am not against it or something, it's just that I find it too confusing to shop in an arena of different shops, different clothes, accessories, etc. It makes me dizzy. Usually I am more fond of attending small flea bazaars wherein I get to roam the whole area and make sure I have seen every stall.

BUT, Superb bazaar is an exemption. I have lots of bazaarista/seller friends who are there selling so I went to show my support! And I must say, the venue is pretty organized. My first stop...

With Ms. Anne Gonzales of ANNA BANANNA! she gave me tickets to the bazaar thank you so much!:)

If you are wondering what ANNA BANANNA is, it's a brand of Pinoy -made tote bags that come in cute designs and colors! Upon seeing her stall, I was like OMG! You know how much of a big fan I am of big bags! If only I was able to bring my other wallet (that holds my cash)  I was able to shop a tote or two!:) 

Here are the bags she sells...

I personally love the big blue and yellow bag with sling straps (positioned behind)  I am planning to get them on my birthday this July! yay!:)

 Next stop... ALL THE RAGE by Janina Saspa and Tin Iglesias
I am lovin the fierce booth set-up! Unluckily, no one was in the booth so I just took some photos. 

Then a few walks lang, I met Bjorn Bedayo and Ana Gonzales!
Bought a ring, and a necklace at ANAGON!:) I miss chatting with you Ana!:)

Second to the last stop... I visited STUDIO BOHEME and PINUP GIRL STORE! The owners are my friends so I am so giddy to go their booth! Finding their spot is so challenging, good thing I bumped into Marqui and she brought me directly to their booth! 

If you want customized satchel bags all you have to do is visit STUDIO BOHEME!
love this tribal printed satchel bag with neon touches pa!:)
would you like some customized shoes too? Studio Boheme does the job too!:)

Last stop, BEDAZZLE ACCESSORIES in which I was not able to take a photo haha! I was so giddy talking to Cat (the owner) that I forgot to take her picture! Bought a bracelet in her booth! Hi Cat!:)

Were you there too? What are the items you bought? I am pretty sure you were able to score lotsa items!:) Well me, just like I said earlier, I was able to visit the booths of my friends lang and di ko kineri magikot ng todo!haha!:)

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  1. That satchel bag is truly a stand out!



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