Thursday, April 5, 2012

Writer's Block

Hello girls! I have been staring at these photos for 10 minutes already and I cannot think of a title for this post haha! Sometimes you will always have that "writer's block" that not even a drop of a word won't enter your mind. I guess with the fact that all of the people inside the house are on vacation mode, and me I am still working, is making me mental blocked!haha! But things have to flow and go. Be sure if you are working like me at this very moment, take at least a minute or two of silent prayer and honor Jesus' sacrifices! 


  1. Lovely look! I adore the necklace!

  2. amen to that blog title mental block. haha love your maxi skirt, denise! :)

  3. Looooove the necklace!



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