Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Your Mind Starts To Speak...

You find yourself typing a novel haha but seriously, I have lots of things going-on inside my mind that I wanted to discuss here on my blog but I am having second thoughts. I might be misinterpreted or cause some BV but I will try to post it here once I have the luxury of time to spill my mind over the matter. 

For now, here is an outfit I wore last week when I went to the mall with mom and Marise. The summer heat makes us mall rats haha! I am such a fan of Trinoma I don't know why haha! But whenever I need to de-stress, Trinoma is always my outlet. The garden area is so refreshing and even if I sit there for a while while sipping milk tea, I won't mind at all. I love that with my job right now, I am in control with my time.  I can go out anytime anywhere without permissions needed. BUT mind you, my job so far, is the most challenging I have ever have.  Still, I love every part of it! 

See you tomorrow for another blog post! HOPING YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY! :)

top- greehills
blazer- thrifted
pants- online
sandals- Jewel's
necklace-Simone's Closet
bag- gift


  1. u looks stunning!!woww i'm so impressed with your blog! it's so unique!! different with others!! come visit my blog and let's follow each other ^^ HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ^^

  2. You look gorgeous and this is a really fun, bohemian look. Great post and those sandals are so cool. I really like them!


  3. Chill outfit! :D I love it!

  4. We're the same, sis! Aside from super near lang ng Trinoma, I don't know kung ano but it gives me good vibes! :p Love your blazer, sis! Fab as always!



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