Saturday, April 21, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Banapple Katipunan

Everytime we go out on weekends, we make sure as a family to eat together and catch-up with the latest happenings! And it is also a must to try a new resto! Brother and I decided to take mom and dad to Banapple Katipunan because we all love pasta and cheesecakes! Not only your tummy will enjoy but also your eyes too! The whole place feels like home and that is what we enjoy about it! It makes any family dinner a very memorable one! I actually am thinking to make a house like that in the future! 

So what did we eat then? Dad had creamy tomato penne, mom tried the hickory spaeribs, I got the cream dory fillet (which is love!), Marise ate carbonara (my love too!), and brother feasted on baked roll lasagna! Everything is love and comes in big servings that we almost surrendered to eat haha! But ya know there is always room for dessert right? So we had Banoffee pie, and strawberry cheesecake after! What is overeating??!!!haha! 

And because brother is a totally madly in love with cheesecakes, we took home 2 slices more of cheesecakes! Hahaha! That is how we eat, so extravagant! 

Have you tried eating at Banapple Katipunan too? :)


  1. Somehow 'Banapple' reminds me of the despicable me 2 trailer.

  2. Oooh I love Banaple!! Great place! And ang laki ng servings nila no?? Haha! Nice shots, ate! :)

    xx xx

  3. I've always loved Banapple!! :) OMG. Now I'm craving tuloy. We should pursue our Banapple date na sis! :p


  4. Aaaw, family days are really great :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. I'm drooling right now!



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