Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WISH RIGHT NOW #2: Chunky heels

Last night the hunt for color block pair of chunky heels just began. I seriously am craving for any chunky-heeled shoes and I want a pair or two in bright colors. 

I was searching over the net for some inspirations and here are the two pieces I am drooling over at the MODCLOTH shop
this BRIGHT NIGHT SKY heels will be just perfect to pair with my skinny black jeans or leather pants while wearing my loose long top tucked in front. I bet any slouchy outfit will be a stand-out with this pair! 


this TRIP TO THE TROPICS heels is such a breathe of fresh air to any dainty dresses that I am sure I will be wearing this summer! The orange color is so refreshing. Very summer-y!

If only money is are like leaves from the tree that I can pick anytime anywhere, I will surely grab these two.  They are a bit affordable for me, but the shipping cost makes shopping for these two, not advisable. So I am looking for a local version. If you know any online shoe shops that sell shoes that somewhat looks like these two, please please comment here or tweet me!

I HOPE YOU GIRLS CAN HELP ME ON MY SHOE HUNTING! :) I know you are drooling too haha!

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