Sunday, March 25, 2012

SUNDAY MUSIC: Lovely Day by Bill Withers

hi girls! Just came back from a family outing and I really did enjoy super! Got tan skin now haha! and I am loving it! :) By the way that is me in the picture. I tried kayaking (ooh I am brave) haha! The paddle is so heavy and the water is 5 ft deep my gosh good thing I didn't fall. More about my family getaway soon! :)

For now here is the song I have been listening all over and over again this week. This one's taking my blues away when sadness is eating me. Go ahead listen to it! :)I shall post another 10 more answers to you questions next! :) 

On another note, I am thinking of doing a meet-up with a few of my readers!Hmm would you like to have a coffee date with me? :)


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