Saturday, March 31, 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Club Manila East

I know it has been raining cats and dogs in the past few days but these photos really reminded me so much of how enjoying it is to swim and walk under the sun. I slept at 1 am Saturday and woke-up at 3am to prepare sandwiches for the family. We left at 5am and arrived at Club Manila East around 7am. I missed the warmth of the early sunlight. 

Marise and I both love to swim so we changed to our swimming attires immediately. Ansabe mg polkadots nya na swimsuit?haha! Then after eating our breakfast there. We tried kayaking. I was afraid to try it first thought I know how to swim. The thought of falling from a kayak boat is really haunting me. I might hit my head haha! But when hubby and Marise tried it first, it somewhat gave me more confidence and braveness to try it. I must say it is very enjoying! It's like taking a sunbath while floating in the pool haha!

Afternoon went, and we tried the wave pool. No photos sorry haha! All of us went swimming and no one will take our pictures. But the experience is great! We all get tostado! haha! meaning nognog haha I mean tanned-skin. Most especially hubby and Marise na walang awat sa pagswim.

It has been a week since we last swam and we are already planning for the next. This time around, we are planning to go to Matabungkay! Trying the beach next! Will update you more about it! Oh I miss the sand and the sea and seashells! :)

How about you, have you gone swimming with your family already this summer? :) Where did you go?

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